My roots are Keltic and Mediterranean. The work I do is transpersonal, transmutational alchemy. I have trained with two hereditary Wiccan priestesses, a traditional navigational Kahuna as well as several excellent specialized teachers over the last twenty two years. I have walked many paths to attain knowledge: over forty years experience in Reichian breath work/ extensive training in Reiki energy work/ Amanae bodywork/ hypnotherapy/creative visualization/ Hawaiian navigational energy work/ tarot/ qabala, astrology/ numerology/ geomancy.


My background in traditional education is a B.A. in drama with a psychology minor from University of Southern California am a licensed reverend with a PhD in Cross-Cultural Theology. I have presented at several international anthropological conferences as well as volunteering as an associate teacher at Sonoma State University on courses as diverse as mythology, the Goddess, and labyrinths to establishing a colony of Mars.