Masks have historically represented another aspect of one’s life, profoundly personal,yet distanced.“Supernatural powers were conceived as an explanatory device to induce an ordered experience of nature’s irregularities.These powers were given form as masks, hybrid figures and animals, producing a symbolic, conceptual art not given to physical naturalism.”

~Marija Gimbutas “The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe, 7,000 - 3,500 B.C.”


The power of spirit flows through me, gracing the artwork, jewelry, and writing. Shamanic artwork comes from the alchemical fires that process out the impurities shape-shifting it’s self into illuminative beauty. The masques and jewelry have a life and spirit force of their own. Though a symbol of reality, an outward form, these pieces represent what one possesses within – a beauty both spiritual and physical. I have been doing this media and genre of shamanic artwork for over ten years. For my masques, I use items found in nature as well as recycled materials that culminate in these mixed media pieces, breathing new life, meaning, and purpose into otherwise discarded objects. My artwork and jewelry have been commissioned by clients both here in the United States and abroad. Commission artwork ranges from single pieces to series.


My roots are Keltic and Mediterranean and through tapping into this vast spiritual heritage my artwork become powerful transformative pieces.

As a writer, my inspiration comes from my daily walk as spirit in human form, both magical and physical.